Farm Foods Caterers Welcomes you, the tastiest and trendy reliable Caterer in Chennai. Farm Foods Caterers Chennai have 30 yrs with a registered trademark, Outdoor Catering with Veg and Non-veg, South Indian, North Indian, Mughal, Chinese, and Continental cuisines.

The Best Caterer not by means of cooking also by the quality and other features we maintain, We give our attendance at the right time when you need the delivery. We are missioning to get the name of Best Caterers in Chennai. We also expect to call us as the best Outdoor Caterers because we serve all the renowned areas of the city.

Our Non-Veg Specialties

Karaikudi Prawn

The Flavours Of Curry Leaves Fried In Sesame Oil Is To Die For In This Karaikudi Prawn Masala

Chicken Yakhni Pulav

Our Signatory Styled One-Pot Rice Dish Cooked With Mild Spices And Meat Which Grants The Genuine Pilaf Taste.

Mutton Dum Biryani

Coupled with flavours gently with rice and meat makes a fragrant blend that is difficult to stand up to…

Tandoori Chicken

A Delectable Mouth-Watering, Flavourful Scrumptious Spicy Chicken Starter For All Occasions.

7’s Spice Mutton

A slow-cooked flavourful Signatory lamb dry dish that goes with rice or any tiffin assortments.

Chicken Masala

Signatory Dish Features A  Rich CashewNut Thick Sauce Flavoured With Indian Spices And Spice Blends.

Fish Fry

A standout amongst the tastiest, fresh and delectable dish served as an appetizer.

Andhra Chilly Chicken

This Very Flavorsome Fusion Of Indo Chinese Chicken Can Be An Addition To Your Indian Spread Also.